Appropriation Nation

Your curry stinks,
until he orders it.
Your clothing is a joke,
until she wears it.
Your jewellery is tacky,
until it is mass produced.

Your culture is an irritant,
a loud, bright, brash show;
embarrassing to behold,
even worse to belong to,
until the day it becomes

Appropriation is the latest trend,
between bindis and fake tans
pale faces can’t hide their
distaste whilst failing to pronounce
your name, your language =

Our festivals are celebrated
as traditions turn into profits
paid by the masses
who reject us – but
enjoy our culture; only
on their terms and conditions.

We are unfit for
public consumption
until our skin has been
sufficiently lightened,
our accents fixed,
our history erased
and replaced

with their version of events.


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