Know Your Worth

Know your worth:
these three words are used today more than I love you;
Love and Worth become one in the same
when they’re further apart than you are from him,
who shows you your worth each time you lay beneath him,
Is this love?
Who can tell the difference anymore
when society applauds you for your curves
but overlooks your           Brain?
Because they’d rather see your head
knelt before them than in a book.

Know yourself:
your brain, your body, your soul
is meant for much bigger things;
these boys measure themselves in inches,
whilst men measure themselves in pounds,
because ‘size matters’, but
You        are         Measureless.
If only you could see yourself and stop counting calories,
Look beyond the scale of your imagined inadequacy,
Fill your head with knowledge and
Dream bigger than they say you should.

Know your place:
not beneath him but beside him;
Stand up, Speak up, Show up
With that same unapologetic confidence you had as a child,
before they boxed you in and
told you to keep quiet.
They made us second-class in name
But not in      Nature,
Know your     Stature,
there is           Power behind those curves,
hidden under those locks.

Girl On Top of the World,
Show them what you’re made of.


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