Never let anyone cut your wings.

This week’s words of motivational wisdom come from my grandmother, Devi, over a discussion about relationships and abuse. She said to me, “never let your partner cut your wings, or dominate you.” This, I had learnt for myself a few years ago, but nevertheless her words still resonate and inspire me.

In life, there will always be people who are afraid to let others shine. For whatever selfish reasons, they try to box you in and hold you back. These people can be hard to spot at times. They’re manipulative and act like they have your best intentions at heart, when really they want to see you fail so that you can stay exactly where you are – in their control.

Breaking free from abusive relationships, or jealous friends can be difficult, but once you let go of that negative energy holding you back, the results are glorious. Whoever it is that tells you you can’t do something, or stops you from reaching for your dreams, – whether it’s your partner, your parents, crappy friends, or that inner demon that tells you you’re not good enough – tell them to shut the fuck up, and watch you work.

You are magical. You can achieve anything. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Work hard and have a successful week. x


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